nEUROn UCAV history video release.


nEUROn UCAV history video release.

Created with the usual Dassault pomp! Interesting none the less. In the words of wiki

The nEUROn development, originally planned by Dassault as “AVE Grand Duc, evolved into a European cooperation including SwedishSaab AB, GreekEAB, SwissRUAG Aerospace, SpanishEADS CASAand ItalianAlenia. As a technology demonstrator”, only single vehicle will be produced to explore new operational concepts for a future generation of autonomous stealth fighter aircraft that will be produced beyond 2020. This is advocated by the statement that the industrial partners want to invest more in technology development, rather than manufacturing of the flying hardware, despite the risk of the loss of the single prototype.

Region:  Europe
Category:  UAV
Company:  EADS

International Dassault-led team UAV
Name:  nEUROn   Country:  International    Category:  UAV    Company:  Dassault-led team   

Use(s): European (France, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) UCAV demonstration programme to evaluate cutting-edge technology, first flight planned in 2012 Manufacturer: Dassault Aviation (France) as prime contractor, in co-operation with a team consisting of the following companies: Alenia (Italy), SAAB (Sweden), Airbus Military (Spain), HAI (Greece) and RUAG (Switzerland) Dimensions: fuselage length: 10m, wingspan: 10m Weight: MTOW: >5,000lb Performance: ceiling: < 10,000m Payload: one or two GPS/laser-guided bombs Data Link: links containing sensor and C2 data Structure Material: composite Status: in development

nEUROn launch

nEUROn launch
nEUROn, the technology demonstrator for a European UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) was officially presented by Charles Edelstenne, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dassault Aviation, to the representatives...

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