K-MAX Unmanned Helicopter Crashes In Afghanistan


K-MAX Unmanned Helicopter Crashes In Afghanistan

ByBeth Ford Roth

An investigation is underway as to why aK-MAX unmanned helicoptercrashed in Afghanistan on June 5. The aircraft was delivering cargo to Marines near Camp Leatherneck when it went down.

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing (Forward) spokesman Capt. Matthew Beers told theMilitary Timesthat the K-MAX was in autonomous mode at the time of the crash:

It was delivering cargo to a predetermined location without the input of a UAV pilot.

Defense contractorLockheed Martin(which has offices in San Diego) andKaman Aerospace Corporationhave worked together to retrofit what was a human-piloted helicopter into the current K-MAX, which works as an unmanned aircraft.


Region:  USA and Canada
Contry:  USA
Category:  UAV
Company:  Kaman

USA Kaman Lockheed Martin UAV
Name:  K-Max Helicopter   Region:  USA and Canada    Country:  USA    Category:  UAV    Company:  Kaman / Lockheed Martin   
K-Max Helicopter

Use(s): battlefield cargo resupply Manufacturer: Kaman Aerospace Corp and Lockheed Martin Corp Powerplant: Honeywell T-53-17 gas turbine Weight: empty: 2,334kg, MTOW with external load: 5,443kg, MTOW without external load: 3,175kg Performance: maximum speed with external load: 148.2km/h, maximum speed without external load: 185.2km/h, maximum endurance 2hr 41 min, range with external load: 396.3km, range without external load: 494.5km Payload: maximum of 2,722kg of cargo on external hook Guidance/Tracking: portable antennae for LoS data links or satellite-based BLoS data links Launch: vertical Recovery: vertical GCS: ruggedised laptop, a single-seat cockpit is retained to allow manned operation Status: in development for possible employment by US military users

Drones move one step closer to unmanned pizza delivery

Drones move one step closer to unmanned pizza delivery
CAMP BASTION, AFGHANISTAN—The small group of U.S. marines at a remote base in northern Helmand province was running low on ammunition after days of fierce fighting.

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