EMTs Museco VTOL UAS completes test flight


EMTs Museco VTOL UAS completes test flight

The uprated MUSECO (multisensor Copter) prototype completed a successful test flight in December 2012. The MUSECO is based on the NEO S-350 VTOL UAV built by Swiss UAV AG and was developed in close co-operation between the two companies.

“This successful test flight shows the result of close collaboration between SWISS UAV and EMT. We are pleased to offer customers new, flexible options with additional platform options. Operators of the tactical LUNA system can now choose between the MUSECO helicopter or the fixed-wing Luna UAV.” says Sascha Lange, who is responsible for business development at EMT.

The LUNA system has been supporting Bundeswehr Intelligence and Reconnaissance (ISR) operations abroad. By continually optimising the performance of sensors, data analysis capability, range and endurance, the LUNA UAV is now more effective and efficient.

Region:  Europe
Contry:  Germany
Category:  UAV
Company:  EMT

EMT SPIES developing sense & sensor for Luna UAS

EMT SPIES developing sense & sensor for Luna UAS
Penzberg, January 2013. EMT has made another advance in the field of flight safety, which it has been researching and developing since 2004. Working in close cooperation with the BAAINBw* and engineering firm Spies, a second generation LIDAR Sense & Avoid sensor has been developed and tested.

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