Irans New Radar System Detects Tiny Flying Objects


Irans New Radar System Detects Tiny Flying Objects
Commander of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmayeeli announced that a highly advanced home-made radar system will be deployed in Northeastern Iran soon with the capability of detecting and tracing very small flying objects.

“Deploying a radar system in North Khorassan region, which has been the latest achievement and production of Khatam ol-Anbia Air Defense Base and has the capability to detect very small flying objects will be accomplished soon,” Esmayeeli told reporters.

The radar is capable of detecting active and passive small-scale flying objects with a cross-section of one-hundredth of the standard size, he added.

General Esmayeeli had announced in November that Iran is one of the top 6 countries in the world which have made advanced long-range radar systems.

We don’t have any technical bottleneck in the air defense field and dont need to purchase anything in this field from the foreign states, Esmayeeli said in Tehran at the time.

Today, our experts have built a 3,000-km-range radar without any foreign help and we are among the six countries which can build it, he added.

Also in September, Brigadier General Esmayeeli underlined that the countrys integrated missile and radar systems are always monitoring moves and ready to fire and intercept hostile flying objects at any moment from over 3,000 kilometers away.

Today we are capable of monitoring the enemies slightest move from a distance of more than 3,000 kilometers, Esmayeeli said.

He reiterated that one of the achievements in the field of Air Defense in Iran is that the country has become self-sufficient in the production of radar systems and missiles.

Brigadier General Esmayeeli said Irans Air Defense units have been deployed in some 3,700 locations across the country to give a crushing response to enemies threats, while they have a message of peace and security to regional and friendly states.

He underlined that Irans military capabilities serve as a deterrent arm against enemy threats.

Brigadier General Esmayeeli noted that Irans defense lines are not confined to the geographical borders, and said, Given the increase in variety, speed and range of aerial weapons of the enemy and the intention of the enemy to destroy the infrastructure of the defending country, the defense lines can be expanded to all parts of the target (enemy) country.

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