Unmanned aircraft taking to Texas skies for FAA testing


Unmanned aircraft taking to Texas skies for FAA testing

Increasing numbers of aircraft are taking to the Texas skies unmanned.

Texas was selected as one of six states to participate in testing and research for the Federal Aviation Administration's plan to integrate rules and regulations for drones, or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), by 2015.

The state has one of the largest test sites ranging from West Texas to the Gulf Coast to the Brazos Valley.

Some corporations, like Amazon, have already shown an interest in using drones as delivery drivers.

With the increasing numbers of unregulated UAS taking to the skies, it has many concerned with not only safety, but privacy, as well.

The UAS crafts generally only weigh a few pounds, and while most stay near their owner or operator, others can go miles away from home.

"People see [drones] and they think it's an alien; it's just too different," said drone owner Robert Dodd. "But it really is nothing more than a remote controlled airplane. That's all it is."

Drone usage has existed for years, starting with mainly military use. The Department of Homeland Security uses drones along the Texas border with Mexico.

The Federal Aviation Administration is expecting thousands of drone aircraft to be introduced to the skies over the next several years, and they want universities to help them develop the roadmap.

Texas A&M Corpus Christi, along with several other campuses across the state, is testing and helping with that roadmap for future use.

"The reason Texas is one of the six selected is because of geographic diversity," Dr. John Valasek, Texas A&M Center for Autonomous Vehicles And Sensor Systems (CANVASS), said.

"Texas has mountains, prairies, deserts, forests and seashore, and that's a unique combination."

Texas A&M is using a former U.S. Army Airfield near Bryan to test crafts' control and certification. Researchers will also be looking into easing the public's fears regarding the unmanned craft.

"What we're really trying to do is to establish trust in autonomous systems with the public and with people," Valasek said. "Because autonomous systems, no matter what kind they are, are going to be interacting with us on a daily basis."

Students at Texas A&M University designed and built the fleet that will be used for FAA testing at the Texas A&M Riverside Campus.

They said their testing has been close to home, so far, but expect future flights to go out for several miles.

"A lot of our operations have been manual flying so we'll have a pilot on the ground manually controlling them with radio, and that makes it so we have to fly within visual range of them," graduate student researcher Jim Henrickson said.

The Texas Legislature took steps in the 2013 session to make sure they are staying with the advancing technology.

"The main concerns are about privacy and private property and that sort of thing," said State Rep. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola.

Hughes was one of several co-sponsors of a bill authored by Terrell Representative Lance Gooden that defines proper drone usage.

The law includes several exemptions for education and research and defines how law enforcement can use drones properly.

"We tried to put in all the exceptions to allow law enforcement to do what they do," Hughes said. "We want to give them the tools they need. At the same time,we recognize that when our founders passed the Fourth Amendment, they were limiting what government and law enforcement can do."

Violations of the law carry with them a misdemeanor penalty. Taking an image in violation of the law would be a class C misdemeanor with a fine of up to $500. Distributing or using that image for commercial use would be a class B misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $2,000 and/or confinement in jail of up to 180 days.

Texas is one of just nine states with laws on the books for drone aircraft, according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Lawmakers say with the technology still changing, the legislature will have to keep checking to see if changes need to be made.

"Technology is moving fast, which is great," Rep. Hughes said. "We just have to make sure that the law is keeping up."

The FAA UAS testing ongoing in Texas is expected to have an $8 billion impact on the state's economy. The UAS industry is expected to create around 1,200 jobs.

FAA Registers 300,000 Unmanned Aircraft Owners During First 30 Days

FAA Registers 300,000 Unmanned Aircraft Owners During First 30 Days
Nearly 300,000 owners have registered their small unmanned aircraft in the first 30 days after the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) online registration system went live. Owners who registered in the first month received a refund for the $5 application fee.

US Army Special Ops Want Multi-Intelligence UAS

US Army Special Ops Want Multi-Intelligence UAS
Army aviation special operators want new unmanned aircraft systems that can carry multiple sensors to collect vital intelligence from the battlefield and they’re working with the Army to achieve the capability, Brig. Gen. Erik Peterson, the Army Special Operations Aviation Command commander, said last Thursday.

DHS Privacy Suggestions on Agency Drone Programs

DHS Privacy Suggestions on Agency Drone Programs
As technology continues to blur the lines between privacy and security, the Homeland Security Department has several suggestions to help agencies consider civil rights and liberties issues when setting up their respective unmanned aircraft system programs.

Air Bases Report Increase in Near-Collisions with Drones

Air Bases Report Increase in Near-Collisions with Drones
Rogue toy drones – a hot-selling Christmas gift this season and last are starting to interfere with military operations at several bases across the country. With sales of consumer drones expected to approach 700,000 this year, military officials say they are bracing for the problem to get worse and are worried about the potential for an aviation disaster.

Europe Takes Next Step on UAV Regulations

Europe Takes Next Step on UAV Regulations
The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has taken the next step in developing a regulatory framework for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with the publication of its “technical opinion” on the safe use of unmanned aircraft in Europe’s airspace.

FAA Announces Small UAS Registration Rule

FAA Announces Small UAS Registration Rule
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has just announced a streamlined and user-friendly web-based aircraft registration process for owners of small unmanned aircraft (UAS) weighing more than 0.55 pounds (250 grams) and less than 55 pounds (approx. 25 kilograms) including payloads such as on-board cameras.

Japans Clue launches DroneCloud, data management platform for businesses using drones

Japans Clue launches DroneCloud, data management platform for businesses using drones
Tokyo-based Clue announced in November the launch of a data management service for drones called DroneCloud. The service will offer a platform to manage drone data, such as tracking who operates which drone, managing projects and team members operating drones, as well as managing and sharing drone flight data.

Minnesota DoT Testing Drones for Bridge Inspections

Minnesota DoT Testing Drones for Bridge Inspections
“We do underneath rope access inspections,” said Barritt Lovelace, a regional manager for Collins Engineers Inc., an agency headquartered in Chicago with offices throughout the country. Basically, we rock-climb bridges. It’s a lot of fun. In Duluth recently, Lovelace stood with a host of others below the Blatnik Bridge to participate in a demonstration of the Minnesota Department of Transportations ongoing study of using drones for bridge inspection purposes.

Over 2,100 Commercial End Users, Vendors at First Annual Drone World Expo

Over 2,100 Commercial End Users, Vendors at First Annual Drone World Expo
The first ever Drone World Expo had an extremely successful launch last week at the San Jose Convention Center. The exhibit hall floor featured 75 exhibiting companies and the event attracted 2,120 commercial drone professionals. The exhibitors responded enthusiastically about their experience at the new trade show with many already planning on renewing booth space for the 2016 Show which will take place November 15-16 back at the San Jose Convention Center.

Drone Standards Tough To Reach For Young Pilots

Drone Standards Tough To Reach For Young Pilots

Megan Halek could be the best unmanned aircraft pilot coming out of the University of North Dakota’s highly regarded aviation program this year: Shes aced a training program and has enough air experience to fly private jets worldwide.

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