European Civil RPAS Operators’ Forum

06-07 / December / 2016

European Civil RPAS Operators’ Forum
This is an international conference for the RPAS operators community focusing on the implementation of the European RPAS Roadmap, and on issues that are of particular importance to RPAS operators, e.g. national regulatory matters, insurance, privacy & data protection, civil RPAS operational matters, current & future applications [commercial, non-commercial (corporate, governmental non-military)], current bottlenecks, technical and performance requirements, aerial work customer requirements, novel operations, operational experience & lessons learned.

Panel discussions will permit active interaction between the speakers and the audience. The presentations and panel topics will broaden the awareness of current and potential RPAS operators, their current & potential customers, regulatory authorities & manufacturers.

The objective of the RPAS CivOps conference is to:

-Increase awareness relative to currently on-going civil RPAS operations [commercial & non--commercial (corporate, research, governmental non-military)];
-Give current civil RPAS operators the possibility to state their case;
-Contribute to identifying the civil RPAS community to itself;
-Highlight the diversity of current & potential civil RPAS applications and present business case examples;
-Disseminate information on the currently on-going civil RPAS-related regulatory activities in -various fields (including “product safety”);
-Permit potential customers of RPAS flight services to express their requirements;
-Create a forum for current and future civil RPAS operators, and the representatives of the organizations that are involved in preparing the future for civil RPAS operations, to interact;
-Present novel civil RPAS applications;
-Discuss critical issues such as responsibility, liability, insurance, privacy & data protection;
-Promote interaction with the decision makers in Brussels.

The RPAS CivOps conference brings together representatives of the following communities and organizations:

-Current civil RPAS operators [commercial & non-commercial (corporate; research, governmental non-military)];
-Organizations currently involved in preparing the future regulations for civil RPAS on a national & European level (incl. European Commission, EASA, SESAR JU, EUROCONTROL, JARUS, and -various standards organizations);
-National Aviation Authorities ;
-National data protection agencies ;
-Insurance companies (underwriters & brokers);
-National associations involved with RPAS;
-National working groups involved with RPAS;
-Current & potential customers of RPAS flight services;
-Flight training schools;
-Manufacturers of civil RPAS (all aircraft types of all sizes);
-Manufacturers of sub-systems for RPAS (including imagery & non-imagery sensors).

HeliRussia 2011

19-21 / May / 2011
HeliRussia 2011
International Exhibition Center CROCUS EXPO

REA. NT-2011

06-09 / July / 2011
REA. NT-2011
Russian Expo Arms. Nizhny Tagil - 2011
Nizhny Tagil, Russia

AUVSI’s 2011

16-19 / August / 2011
AUVSI’s 2011
AUVSI’s North America 2011
Convention Center, Washington, DC, ÑØÀ


16-21 / August / 2011
Zhukovsky city, Moskow oblast
Tål.: (495) 787-66-51, (495) 363-56-41, Fax: (495) 787-66-52,  

DSEi 2011

13-16 / September / 2011
DSEi 2011
ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London, Great Britain


25-28 / October / 2011
Âñåðîññèéñêèé âûñòàâî÷íûé öåíòð, ã. Ìîñêâà, Ðîññèÿ

Aero India 2013

06-11 / February / 2013
Aero India 2013
Yelahanka Air Force Base, India 

IDEX 2013

17-21 / February / 2013
IDEX 2013
The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Abu Dhabi, UAE

15-18 / September / 2015
DSEI 2015. London, UK, September 15-18, 2015
DSEI brings together the defence and security industry to source the latest equipment and systems, develop international relationships, and generate new business opportunities.

11-12 / December / 2015
2nd Annual IDE. LA Convention Center, December 11-12, 2015
Following the major success of the first International Drone Expo (LA Drone Expo) held in Los Angeles, December 13, 2014, UAVSA (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Systems Association).

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