Orlan 10

Russia Orlan UAV
Region:  Europe    Country:  Russia    Category:  UAV    Company:  Orlan   
Orlan 10
Use(s): control of objects, search and reconnaissance Manufacturer: Orlan, Russia Powerplant: internal-combustion engine Weight: MTOW: 14kg, max payload: 5kg Performance: cruise speed: 90-150km/h, endurance – 16hr, ceiling – 5km Payload: photo camera and video camera, infrared imager and giro-stabilised TV camera Operating conditions: -30 ... +400C Launch: catapult Recovery: parachute

Russia Deploys UAS Squadron to Arctic Region

Russia Deploys UAS Squadron to Arctic Region
A squadron of the Orlan-10 and Forpost (Outpost) unmanned aerial vehicles for the Arctic region has been formed in Russia’s Eastern Military District. It is based near the administrative center of Chukotka Autonomous District Anadyr, head of the press service of the Eastern Military District Alexander Gordeyev told TASS on Monday.

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