Israel Aeronautics UAV
Region:  Middle East    Country:  Israel    Category:  UAV    Company:  Aeronautics   
Use(s): ISR Manufacturer: Aeronautics Ltd Powerplant: Zanzottera 498ia, 38hp Dimensions: length: 4.5m, height: 1.2m, wingspan: 7.5m Weight: MTOW: 250kg, max payload: 50kg Performance: speed: 110kt, endurance: <12hr, ceiling: 18,000ft, mission radius: 200nm Payload: capable of carrying multiple payloads up to 50kg (VISINT, COMINT etc) Data Link: LoS up to 200km Guidance/Tracking: UMAS avionics, real-time UAV and payload control, full autonomous navigation and in-flight programmable navigation Launch: conventional wheeled, ATOL optional Recovery: conventional wheeled, ATOL optional Structure Material: composite GCS: various configurations: GCS - generic interchangeable workstations for internal pilots and payload operators; LRS - minimised control station with full UAV and payload control, enables range extension for GCS ops deployment/RPCS (Level III RVT) Status: in production

Azad Systems starts UAV production

Azad Systems starts UAV production
Production has started at Azad Systems, a joint venture between the defence ministry of Azerbaijan and Israeli unmanned aircraft systems manufacturer Aeronautics. In recent years, Israel has become a major arms supplier to Azerbaijan. The deals so far include artillery systems, communications equipment...

A wayward unmanned aerial vehicle

A wayward unmanned aerial vehicle
So-heres a first. On Tuesday, a wayward unmanned aerial vehicle crashed in a residential area of El Paso, Texas, about a half mile inside the U.S. border. It landed in a backyard apparently, and no one was hurt and no property was damaged.

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